slow fashion for kids Tiny Magnum by A.P.Monde
slow fashion for kids from Belgium
zero waste fashion for kids made in europe
tiny magnum by apmonde

Kimono Tilda

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This baby and toddler kimono with long sleeves is made from dutch wax print cotton that gets softer the more you wash it. The design is concieved to grow with the person who wears it. What starts off as a dress ends up as a shirt. For the bright light in your life. 

Relaxed fit for ultimate freedom of movement.

All Tiny Magnum designs are unisex, please use as you see fit. 

Made to order

Tiny Magnum practices slow fashion, an ethical and sustainable fashion movement. Your garment will be custom made and shipped within 7 to 10 days upon making this order. 

Tiny Magnum items are hand cut and sewn. This is why the placement of the print on each garment varies, making every piece unique.