Zero Waste Design

Zero-waste is a design process that aims to eliminate fabric waste at the design stage. Pattern cutting plays a vital role here just like the sourcing of materials.

A.P.Monde uses mostly deadstock quality fabrics, leftover materials from high fashion brands. Unlike conventional garment manufacturing there is no creation of new fabrics. Subsequently the use of resources that go in to this process, like land, water, man hours, antibiotics, pesticides, colouring materials, etc. becomes obsolete when up-cycling. 

upcycled dead stock designer silk A.P.Monde

 Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, linnen and silk are comfortable and they let your skin breathe. The way these fabrics fall, move, work with our bodies is also far more beautiful than any sythetic fabric can achive. That is why all A.P.Monde designs are made in natural fabrics. This also means there are no microplastics released in to the environment when you wash your A.P.Monde garment.   

 Further fabric waste is eliminated during the pattern cutting process, as it is meticulously taken into consideration at the designing phase. Zero-waste pattern cutting uses an entire piece of cloth so that none of it ends up in landfills. On average, conformist manufacturing methods have 85 percent fabric consumption efficiency. Consequently, 15 percent of fabric wastage occurs in the cutting room itself. A.P.Monde avoids leaving behind this waste with a significant ecological footprint.

15 percent of fabric wasted with conformist pattern cutting

 The use of the entire length and width of the fabric is not a new phenomenon. The zero-waste design process has been used in the construction of Japanese kimonos and also weaving of Indian saris as it ensures that valuable textiles are not wasted. However, this ideology became less popular after the industrialization of fashion and the advent of fast fashion, which endorses the mass-production of garments.

zero waste patterncutting by A.P.Monde

 A.P.Monde is a Green Luxury label of limited edition high quality garments that are made in the A.P.Monde Studio in Antwerp, Belgium, E.U.. Most items are made to order which avoids overstock embracinf the idea of Slow Fashion. This makes them unique and often customized to the wearers' wishes. Because loved clothes last longer we do our best to create garments you feel great wearing.

Sandra Bakker for A.P.Monde photographed by Anja Perisic