The Story

A.P.Monde was born out of a Kimono, a thing to wear. Over time it has become many things to wear, developed through research of zero waste, slow fashion and  repurposing. Two main factors have led to this creative process:

First and foremost A.P. is a Third Culture Kid. A way of growing that means one gets to accumulate a lot of varied impressions and experiences but one can not keep too many three dimensional objects. A win and lose situation that in this case led to an eclecticism of form and culture, but at the same time to frugality regarding material.

Secondly A.P.Monde is a brand in and of its time. It refuses to create pollution for others to deal with. It accepts the challenge of creating a truly sustainable brand.

With the use of the finest materials, sourced from local designers' overstock or from repurposed textile objects of various form with the common denominator being quality and natural fiber, enduring designs are created The pattern designs are mostly zero waste. When a pattern is not fully zero waste the scraps get repurposed. The made to order system minimizes the stock and increases the value of a single often unique garment. All the pieces in this shop are hand made in Antwerp, Belgium.

A.P. has set out to seduce and nurture with this green luxury line.